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i would love to marry you
but i could never be your wife.
hey, does anybody want a nicolas cage against the machine t-shirt? or basically a t-shirt with (my interpretation of) basically anything painted on it? i also have a couple of bags/patch-type things i could paint on

real cheap and real fast.

i'm moving in less than a week and getting pretty scared.

mood: impoverished + moving
music: stolen singles

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oh, to be twenty two and effortless. invincible.
the life of habit and drawn-out recollection
vague. semi-intentionally, yet not pretentiously.

as happy as one can be, there is always "happier" out there.
fuck the other side of the fucking septic tank.
that was unnecessary harsh language and i will suffer a lifetime of novenas to alleviate possible repercussion.
someone give me a nap.

i was proposed to not so long ago. it took me a very long while to realize that no joke was intended. i stayed very quiet throughout.

i don't know why i'm writing in livejournal. i suppose because something made me feel strangely guilty about never doing so anymore.

ohgreedohyes, but why, really?
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poor, poor shaq
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thank you so much, grandma, you have made my life

i cried
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i can do this now.

i'm only really going to be writing in ohgreedohyes, my old journal, from now on. you can add me if you'd like, but i think it's pretty stupid to feel like you have to add someone if you're not actually wanting to read what they post, so don't worry about it.

a bientot!

music: the story of light

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wow. rest in peace, hunter s. thompson.

what a year.

mood: sidetracked

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